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Monday, January 16, 2012

ZombieFlydNation`s 1ST fly interview on Artist Dru Chris, Wher Music meets Fashion

On Jan 2, 2012, at 6:36 PM, maurice rainey  wrote:
> 1).What made you began to do music?
- My start in music was pretty organic, I started out writing short stories and little riddles in my sketchbook, simply out of boredom. One of my homies read through my notebook (without telling me) and really started pushing me to let other people hear what I was writing. I really just started messing around with music, to find out if I could conquer my childhood fear of too-much-attention.
> 2). What and who inspires you in the underground & celebrity-world to keep going and let's you know that anything is possible?
- My inspiration isn't at all confined, I take inspiration from any and everything that I deem as real. At the moment, I'm finding inspiration in the music of artist like Michael Kiwanuka, Dan Auerbach, Kanye West, Drake, as well as a few, lesser-known, visual artist. For the most part though, I see so much inauthenticity and d*ckridin', its easy to just take inspiration from everything I want to be NOTHING like.
> 3).Who and what inspires your style and the way you dress?
 - First and foremost, my style is inspired by individuality. Paying less and less attention to the trends of fashion forced me to only purchase pieces that I could, and would wear at any age. Style, in my opinion, is all about quality, consistency, and longevity; otherwise your just bitin' game. With that said, I find inspiration in the looks of guys like Jake Davis, Pharrell Williams, Dan Trepanier, and Ouigi Theodore of BK Circus, just to name a few.
> 4). What makes you want to keep doing music??

My motivation to create isn't a decision, at all. Constantly creating is the only way I can truly keep doing this life-thing. I understand that we all have the ability to create, but our society gives very few people the courage, tools and independency to do so. I remain an artist, and more specifically a musician, because I know that my freedom lies in all i make. Contact: DruChris@yahoo.com FaceBook; Dru Chris

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